Let’s bring your vision to life, the conscious way

You started your business to shake up the world for the better.

But the only one who’s shaken up is you.

Building a social media presence, juggling your expenses, managing your team, and trying to educate people on why they should create a kinder world… it’s all too much.

The good news? You don’t have to do it alone.

Our small but mighty team is made up of photographers, designers, writers, and strategists who are all united by one purpose: to help eco-friendly brands get off the ground and out into the world.

Like you, we feel called to use our talents and our platform for good, not evil. So why not join forces to build up your ethical brand and make your business journey as seamless as possible?

Whether you need a full brand identity, a polished website, or remarkable photography, we’re here to help you cut through the noise and leave a better, kinder mark on the world.


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Hi, there.

I’m Malvina, a Czech-born graphic designer turned professional photographer who moved to Melbourne for love and stayed for the sandy beaches.

My journey started exactly like yours. After blindly following the trends of the world, I couldn’t ignore the ache in my heart telling me something was wrong. I was devoting all my time and energy into supporting businesses promoting harmful practices, and I was leaving work burdened with guilt.

That’s why I started Bohemia Bay Studio, a place where like-minded creatives and eco-friendly brands can work together in a way that’s good for the soul and good for the planet.

Change is happening. Let’s make a difference, together.


Graphic Designer

If Sarah had a superpower, it would be turning everything she touches into thoughtful, beautifully crafted, and considered designs. She loves telling stories and evoking emotions through the power of visual communication, and you can bet she’ll work hand in hand with you to create minimal, stylish, and timeless designs for your brand. Apart from beautiful visuals, Sarah is passionate about animal welfare, the environment, and building excellent relationships with like-minded, ethical businesses.


Social Media Specialist

Amber is a Social Media Specialist with years of experience managing accounts in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries; all ranging from small, local businesses to large international companies. Bringing her wealth of knowledge to the Bohemia Bay team, Amber is passionate about using her scrolling & double-tapping skills to scale ethical and sustainable businesses that align with her own personal beliefs and conscious lifestyle.




  • We are giving back to the planet by planting trees with Ecologi.
  • There are no single-use plastics in our facilities.
  • We use green energy that is 100% offset.
  • We use electronic forms and e-filed paperwork to avoid paper usage.

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