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From Idea To Execution So, you’re ready to launch your own brand, but where do you even start? We understand how scary, daunting, and exciting it can be to get your brand off the ground, and while you might be feeling overwhelmed with competitors, strategies, and an information overload, there are key things to focus on in the early stages of starting a business that

How to elevate your socials this year A new year is well and truly here, who can believe it’s almost March? And while we’re all so excited to be moving on, we can’t deny that 2020 did change life as we know it. From how we live our lives, how we communicate and how brands represent themselves on social media. So much has changed. So

We are ready to take your brand to the next level in 2021 You may have seen the call out in 2020 for a whole bunch of fresh talent to join the Bohemia Bay team, well after looking through hundreds of applications, we have chosen the best of the best.  A team of incredibly talented individuals who all care deeply about living a conscious lifestyle

Just in time to add a little light to the end of 2020 This year has been tough on us all, especially here in Melbourne, but our team has been hard at work in the background to bring you more ways to elevate your ethical and sustainable business to grow into 2021 and beyond. Our new services are now available, as well as our

We are looking for open-minded and conscious creatives who want to work on elevating ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable brands on a contract basis. Bohemia Bay is a creative studio that cares about the planet, about our clients, and about our impact as a collective. We seek to work with ethical brands and local businesses who want to do good in the world. *It is very