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Bohemia Bay Kelapa banner photography services

Instead of following the crowd, let’s make a statement with your imagery.

Product Photography
Content Creation
Fashion Photography

With more and more customers shopping online, it’s important to let your images (and our team of visual content creators) do the heavy selling for you. Send your products to our Melbourne studio and our photographers will style your shoots to capture unique high-end product photography. Once we’re done, simply splash these photos across your website, social media, and emails to show off your brand to the world.


Fashion is an art-form. And it deserves to be treated as such. We’ll capture images of your sustainable clothing collection in soft, natural light to show off its beautiful quality and flattering designs. Then, we’ll edit your photos in a way that looks authentic and aesthetic – not over-polished or fake.

Need help pulling together a full fashion photo shoot? We’d love to take that off your plate. Just say the word and we’ll bring together a whole team of photographers, models, make-up artists, and stylists to execute your vision.


Creating engaging content is key to successfully marketing an online business. That’s where we come in. After working closely with dozens of ethical and sustainable businesses, we know a thing or two about creating authentic content that’ll get more eyes on your brand. Reels, stop-motions, GIFs – we’re all about helping you create that memorable first impression on social media or your advertising campaign. We can even help you collaborate with carefully selected influencers to boost your social media presence to the next level.


Show off your brand with bold and beautiful photography.


If you’re constantly running out of content or need a gallery of unique commercial images of your products, our packages might be just what you’re looking for.

We have a range of packages you can select from. However, we can customize a package for you to suit your needs and budget.

Fill out our brief questionnaire, and we will be in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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Product photography

Product photography can play the biggest role in increasing your conversation rates for your website and digital marketing campaigns such as paid advertising on social media and Google AdWords. High-quality photos grab the attention of customers and draw them into your website or online store. 

You would be surprised how many established businesses do not understand the importance of professional photography. Short-term it may seem too expensive and unjustified. However, professional product photography is a long-term investment. 

A creative and diverse photoshoot by our in-house team will give you the material to use across all of your marketing platforms — from your website and social media to flyer hand-outs and printed articles. One photoshoot can give you years of material to increase sales and revenue. 

Our streamlined product photography process has been fine-tuned for online retailers through extensive experience. We collaborate with businesses to showcase their brand and products in all of their glory. We have meticulous attention to detail, professional equipment, real-world experience and stunning studios to represent your products in the best way possible. 

We can collaborate with your brand at every stage, from pre-production to post-production. Perhaps you want to do some of it in-house and let us take care of the rest? No problem, let us know how we can help and we’ll draw up the game plan for you in no time. 

E-commerce photography

Online shopping is a major part of the shopping landscape and a constantly changing industry, but one thing that’s remained constant is the importance of presenting products in the right light. Ecommerce stores have to understand how crucial first-rate e-commerce photography and videography services in Melbourne are in determining how successful they are. The way product images look and come across to potential customers should never be underestimated.

Bohemia Bay Studio provides e-commerce photography to accurately represent your products. Our professional photography experts pride themselves on delivering photographs of exceptional quality and using retouching techniques that look completely natural.

Choosing our team for commercial photography can significantly increase the engagement, conversion rates and sales your e-commerce store receives. A professional photoshoot in Melbourne really can make all the difference. 

Lifestyle product photography

Consumers are particularly drawn to product photography that shows them how to use a product and how it can benefit them rather than telling them why this is the case. Our professional photography team believe in the old adage “Show, don’t tell”, and this is something we keep in mind when we conduct our photo shoots.

Lifestyle product photography shows people using products in a real-life scenario and demonstrates the product’s features and capabilities to any potential customers looking at these photographs. It’s a unique and captivating way of representing your brand online and telling your brand story. We have model photographers in Melbourne who are talented in working with models to get an effortless natural result, clearly showing the benefits of your products.

Professional product photography for Melbourne businesses

Bohemia Bay Studio is a creative agency offering high-quality e-commerce photography businesses can greatly benefit from. Our in-house production team of skilled and creative photographers, digital operators and retouchers are available to provide commercial photography for Melbourne businesses and cater to their unique requirements. Our goal is to deliver high-end product photography and provide a time-efficient and cost-effective service that represents your brand and products in the best way possible.

Our talented photographers are available to provide creative digital photography services for:

  • Lifestyle product photography
  • E-commerce photography
  • Product photography
  • Personal brand photography
  • Brand videos
  • Social media imagery
  • Content creation
  • And much more
The benefits of using professional photography services

Professional product photography has a profound impact on how and why customers choose products. In turn, this results in overall sales for your business and e-commerce store. In competitive markets, commercial photography and product photography are critical to the success of the business. 

The importance of photography for e-commerce websites is magnified since customers cannot physically see or touch the product. How do they know what it smells like, feels like, tastes like? The visual representation of your brand and product can directly impact your sales by helping to convey the product characteristics that cannot be experienced online. 

The quality of your product and brand is represented in the images you share. It is one of the most important considerations that go through a customers’ mind before making a decision. Whether you have your own online store or trade your marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, product photographers can boost conversation rates, sales and revenue in the long run. 

If you have an online store or sell products via a marketplace, you need product photographers that tell your story and your brand. A lot can be captured in one image. Our talented product photographers can capture the essence of your message and brand in a single frame. 

How does professional product photography translate to sales though? Images and videos are some of the only links your customers will have to your product. If your images are of poor quality, your products look cheap. The same goes with professional photography to make your products look premium and high-quality. 

In an era dominated by low attention spans and billions of search results in seconds, standing out from the crowd has never been more important. Of course, the placement and timing of your brand are important, but so is capturing their attention wherever and whenever possible.

From campaign images to social media content.

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I'm not 100% sure how I want my products to be styled. Can you help me with that?

Sometimes, all you need is a helping hand to pull out the jumbled up vision in your head and bring it to life. We can help you with everything from the creative direction of the shoot to organising the logistics of the project. Think of us as your very own in-house creative team!

What is your photography style?

Great question. We pride ourselves on not just being stock-standard photographers, but rather, artists creating unique and expressive content. First, we start off with your brand’s personality. Then, we combine creative lighting, unique perspectives, and natural compositions to showcase your brand in its most flattering angle.

Do I need to be an established company?

We love working closely with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Anyone from ethical startups to larger, sustainable brands are welcome here.

How long does it take to deliver the final images?

We usually take 7 business days for post-processing and editing. However, we can accommodate rushed deadlines.

Do you offer other types of photography?

Our speciality is product & fashion photography for sustainable brands. But we also offer other types of photography you may need to build up your business, such as headshots for your personal brand.

What are your payment terms?

For all new clients, we require a 50% upfront payment so we can book in your shoot in the calendar. The final payment is due before we release the final files.

Do you charge per hour or per project?

Every project is unique, so we’re happy to create packages and shoots tailored to your needs. Reach out to us to discuss all your big and bold plans for your brand, and we’ll get back to you with a customised package.

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