Lighting Versatility: Studio Lighting and Natural Lighting

Photo Studio Hire Bayside

Are you looking for photo studio hire in Bayside that is both professional and affordable? The Bohemia Bay Studio is ideal for small-to-medium scale projects, whether portraits or group photos. Photo studio hire in Bayside is versatile as a result of the range of lighting options available to photographers.

The beautiful design of the studio includes large eastern-facing windows, allowing natural light to flood the room and pick up details that other duller lighting would not. If you prefer to control your lighting in a more traditional “studio” lighting, we have all the lighting equipment you will need. This lighting comes free of charge with the studio rental so you’re not further out of pocket!

Whether you seek moody contrasts, high-key pop lighting, or the plaintive qualities of natural lighting, Bohemia Bay photo studio Bayside is your home away from home. We have all the amenities necessary to make your feel comfortable, so you can concentrate on producing quality work.

We understand it can be difficult to find a studio Bayside. Why schlep to the CBD when you can make the most of a bayside studio right near your home?

Bohemia Bay value your creativity, which is why we offer 50% discount on all bookings for members. This studio has free parking and is close to public transport as well.

Gifted Makeup Stylists Make Bohemia Bay Their Home

Makeup Studio Hire Bayside

Are you a gifted stylist with hair and makeup, but want to protect the privacy of your home? The answer is simple: Bohemia Bay. We have a workshop you can mould to suit your needs. Conveniently located for the south eastern suburbs, makeup studio hire in Bayside is made easy with Bohemia Bay.



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