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If you’re looking for a professional, modern studio at an affordable price, think of the home of bayside photographers, Bohemia Bay Creative Studio. Bohemia Bay is unique among bayside studios in that it offers artists, photographers, hair stylists and other creatives both an elegantly designed and decorated studio space and additional equipment for a single affordable price.

Bayside artists don’t have to schlep into the city, lugging their gear along with them. For photography studio hire Black Rock artists can visit their bohemian local: Bohemia Bay. We understand the appeal of bayside living for photographs and artists alike. Close to the beauties of the bay beaches, Black Rock can be an inspiring place to live. Don’t be limited by the lack of photography studio rental for Black Rock and surrounding areas.

Bohemia Bay is the home south east located photographers! The Bohemia Bay Studio has free parking and is close to public transport. We offer 50% discount on all bookings for members.

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Our Photography Studio Rental Services In Black Rock

Whatever lighting you’re looking to shoot with, Bohemia Bay has all the equipment to cater to your needs. Eastern windows can flood the room with beautiful natural lighting, as necessary, or you can make the most of a dark space, with high-key professional lighting.

For a versatile photography studio for hire Black Rock artists should look no further than Bohemia Bay. You can capture lighting nuanced lighting effects and make your editing process easy with this controlled environment.

Bohemia Bay is the ideal photography studio for hire near Black Rock. The studio is owned by an experienced photographer, meaning you can call on expert assistance to make sure your shoot is effective. Whatever your subject, your images will be both expressive and aesthetic.

You’ll find the Bohemia Bay Studio conveniently located for a range of south-eastern Suburbs, including for Frankston, Dandenong, and Mornington. You don’t need to travel into the CBD for a quality studio!



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