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Photography Studio Hire Brighton

Looking for a stylish, modern, professional studio that won’t break your budget? For the home of Bayside photographers, visit Bohemia Bay Creative Studio. Bohemia Bay’s studio provides a homely atmosphere so that artists and models can feel comfortable, but also a well-designed space, so that you can capture masterful, expressive images with nuanced lighting.

All good photographers know that successful photography studio hire in Brighton depends on versatile, precise lighting design. Eastern-facing windows ensure the Bohemia Bay studio offers plenty of natural light to bring out the details in your subject. It is these details that will truly make your photographs pop. We also offer studio lighting for more dramatic, chiaroscuro effects.

With Bohemia Bay photography studio hire in Brighton is made easy. It can be quite difficult to find a studio in the south eastern suburbs. On top of this, artists often have to lug their equipment to the studio and props too. Here at Bohemia Bay, however, we provide professional equipment in the price of studio hire. Unlike other studios, there is no additional cost for lighting equipment, heater / air-con , and other necessary things.

Why not call today for professional studio hire to make sure your next project is truly expressive of your creativity? If you need assistance, the owner if an experienced photographer, meaning your next project has all the support it needs to succeed.

The Bohemia Bay Studio has free parking and is close to public transport. We value your creativity, which is why we offer 50% discount on all bookings for members.



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