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Photo Studio for Hire Cheltenham

In Cheltenham and surrounds, it can be hard to find a studio that offers a professional space for your creativity to thrive, while also being priced within your budget. Here at Bohemia Bay Creative Studio, we understand! We aim to be the home of a bohemian spirit. The relaxed homely atmosphere makes a perfect place for you to feel free to create and realise your artistic vision, without spending a fortune. Your next project is that much more achievable with Bohemia Bay.

The design of the studio is also ideal for also sorts of photographic and lighting effects. If traditional studio lighting is more what you’re looking for, we provide studio lights in the price of the hire. Unlike other studios, you don’t have to pay extra fees. If you’d prefer natural lighting, the elegant studio design offers eastern-facing windows which can flood the room with natural light, allowing you to capture nuances in your subject that you didn’t know where there.

We understand it can be difficult to find a studio near Cheltenham. Why trek to the CBD when you can make the most of a bayside studio right near Cheltenham?

Photo studio hire for Cheltenham is made easy with Bohemia Bay! Make the most of our membership 50%.



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