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Supporting Victorian ethical businesses


20x product photo
3x stop motion
5x custom graphic
7x complementing image
1x Instagram grid design





1x logo
1x logo icon
2x font
1x colour palette
1x mood board





1x mood board
10x e-commerce
10x styled product
5x flat lay
5x prop





Small ethical, eco-friendly, conscious businesses based in Victoria are eligible for our special COVID support package. Get in touch with us today to secure your spot!

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Business Startup Packages at Bohemia Bay Studio

Bohemia Bay Studio is a growth marketing agency with a difference. We seek to work with ethical brands and local businesses who want to do good in the world. We have a range of business startup packages that can give you all the branding support you need to get your business up and running.

Branding Packages for Startups

Our digital growth agency offers branding packages for startups that are cost-effective while netting you big results. Our small business startup marketing package can be tailored to your exact needs and may include:

Professional Product Photography

The right photo can sell a product more effectively and quickly than mere words. That’s why our small business startup marketing package includes professional photography, shot in a luminous, light-filled studio.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography can explain the tangible and intangible benefits of your products to your customers at merely a glance. There’s no better marketing ally than carefully curated lifestyle photography.

Website Design and Development

Now that your photos look excellent, you’re going to need an equally well-crafted website to act as your online storefront, enticing people to see what you sell. Outdated and tacky websites will repel customers, so this is an important step to get right as part of our branding packages for startups.

Social Media Content in Melbourne

When you want to give your business a head start in brand awareness, you need great social media content in Melbourne to set your products apart as something special and unique. Social media management in Melbourne will plan out your activity on social media platforms so that there is a steady flow of content, helping to build your audience. As well as being well versed in flawless design and professional photography, we are a highly competent social media management agency in Melbourne.

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We do everything you need and put it all into one package: a full business startup package to get you off the ground running. If you want help from our business growth agency, contact us today to find out how you can better market your products online. Call us now on 0416 464 498.

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