Frankston’s First Choice for Photo Studio Rental

Photo Studio Rental Frankston

Get the right environment for your next photo shoot with the modern studios for rent from Bohemia Bay. Functional without foregoing style our studios provide a self-contained and controlled space that is rich in atmosphere and makes both the artists and their subjects feel comfortable at all times.

Dedicated photographers know that successful photo studio rental in Frankston depends on the available lighting. With our Eastern-facing windows our studio space offers optimal light exposure for greater detail in all captured images. These illuminated details will add character and texture to your photographs. For a complete experience of the highest standard and quality we also offer a diverse range of studio lighting for more evocative and dramatic pictures.

By trusting the professionals at Bohemia Bay photography studio rental in Frankston is free of stress or hassle. As one of the more highly-regarded photo studios in Melbourne we proudly provide artists and photographers in the south eastern suburbs. To further provide a complete service we stock all the latest equipment you need to stop you having to haul your own to the studio space. For a greater level of customer satisfaction we also don’t charge for use of our professional equipment, allowing you to take photos free from constraint or distraction. The studio is also easily accessible – mere walking distance – from public transport.

Bohemia Bay are the home for originality, imagination, creativity and style. We offer our member photographers a 50% membership deal for all bookings.

Get the best results from your next shoot by trusting the team at Bohemia Bay. Give us a call today to find out more.



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