Local Eco Friendly Printing

We’re dedicated to providing high-quality eco-friendly printing for our clients to produce products that draw attention to their brand while simultaneously being environmentally friendly.

Our services always keep your budget in mind. The methodology we follow works to find a balance between your company’s printing requirements, your budget, and your concern with your environmental impact. Our team can create high-quality, eye-catching marketing materials for your business that are also cost-effective.

Why Use Recycled Paper?

As a lot of paper available comes from sustainably managed forest plantations, it may seem redundant to use recycled paper. However, re-using more paper and other materials, again and again, means less waste is produced.

Using paper that’s recycled is significantly more environmentally friendly and overall better than using paper that came from virgin forests. Using less paper from forests also means that natural habitats for wildlife can be further sustained.

Bohemia Bay Studio is adamant about using recycled paper. From recycled paper magazine printing, recycled card printing and eco-friendly photo printing through to the brochure printing our Melbourne clients require, our team can produce what you need using sustainable methods.

Recycled Paper Magazine Printing

Bohemia Bay Studio is available to provide recycled paper magazine printing that prints your magazine in full colour, in either gloss or satin finishes, in a timely manner, and by only using paper that’s 100% recycled. We can assist you in creating the perfect design and produce your magazines in both small to large print runs as per your requirements.

Eco-Friendly Photo Printing

Bohemia Bay Studio uses state-of-the-art printers that ensure your photographs are of the best print quality. Our eco-friendly photo printing equipment uses the most sustainable inks available to print a high volume of photographs as per your needs. You’ll be more than pleased with how we can make your photographs come to life in an environmentally friendly manner.

Business Card Printing in Melbourne

Do you want to have business cards that look impressive while also being environmentally friendly? Our recycled card printing professionals are available to provide business card printing Melbourne businesses can greatly benefit from. The business cards we produce are printed on high-quality artboards that are 100% recycled and can be made into any size you desire.

Brochure Printing in Melbourne

Brochures are effective and affordable products that can provide potential customers with a lot of information. Bohemia Bay Studio is capable of producing large quantities of brochures with our environmentally friendly brochure printing for Melbourne clients. We can make brochures of any size or style with fast turnaround time.

Enquire About Our Printing Services Today

If you want to get some marketing collateral or business stationery printed, why not use environmentally responsible green printing in Melbourne? Contact our studio today by calling +61416464498 for more information on our services for recycled paper magazine printing, recycled card printing, eco-friendly photo printing, and other environmentally friendly printing services.


We love to transform our photography and deisgn work into:

  • Catalogues
  • Lookbooks
  • Business cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Packaging
  • Books
  • and much more
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