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Bohemia Bay Studio for hire5 photography studio for hire

Unleash your creativity
in our photography studio.

The place where we work our content creation magic. And now, you can too.

Creative space that won't blow the budget.

Bohemia Bay Studio for hire2

What you get
when you hire our Melbourne photography studio.

Equipment & Gear

For you to create all types of unique, flawless backdrops for photo and video shoots. Our studio is equipped with everything you need for a standard shoot. From white walls and a variety of seamless paper rolls, to professional lighting equipment available for hire. Curious about what else we have? Just ask us. We love chatting all things tech with fellow photographers.

Make Up Stations & Changing Room

Everyone knows travelling between shoots can ruin a good hairdo, so we prepped our on-site makeup stations to help you get photo-ready in a flash. Showers and a disability-friendly bathroom are also available.

Car Park Spaces

Let’s be honest: you have better things to spend your money on than expensive city parking. We have 2 car parks exclusively for you to use, and a high electric roller door to make unloading your gear an effortless process.


As another unique shooting spot, you can use our private outdoor space facing a natural park that gives you all the beautiful shadows.


A kitchenette is available for you to refresh and recharge in-between takes or when you need a snack. You can also use our speaker to boost your creative mood or host a mini viewing party on the TV and preview your photos or videos. BYO popcorn.


Studio hire rates

We offer flexible full-day, half-day and hour rates to accommodate your budget and project timelines and scheduling. There is nothing worse than an inflexible studio. Instead, choose our photo studio for peace of mind and a team that understands the creative industries. Our studio for hire comes with professional equipment for you to hire if needed. Save time and money by renting the equipment on-site.


Studio hire for creatives

Our studio for hire is a luxurious, all-purpose space that is suitable for just about anything. We treat all of our clients like long-term friends. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind studio with exceptional customer service from a team that understands the creative industry better than anyone else. Our studio is suitable for all kinds of photo and video shoots. 



Capture your talent and products inside a private warehouse in Cheltenham. It’s the perfect place to create beautiful art using natural lighting and dynamic backdrops. This warehouse for hire has the perfect aesthetics for fashion labels, big or small. We have everything you will need, from professional photography equipment for hire to make-up rooms and more. 



Photoshoots for products can last a lifetime. The right backdrop, lighting or equipment can really make the difference. You can hire one of our studios for a perfect product photography session or send your products to our studio and let some of our experienced team members work their magic. Regardless of your choice, you won’t be disappointed. 


Content creation 

Engaging content is key in this digital age. Images, gifs, videos and more can be used to engage your customers. We have worked closely with many successful ethical and sustainable businesses on their digital content creation. Our studio is the perfect place to get the creative juices flowing and produce a successful content creation campaign. This is a collaborative space built for creatives. 



Videos remain one of the most effective mediums for storytelling, education, and customer conversion. There is no better way to effectively communicate your business and brand than through video content creation. Create stunning yet effective videos in our warehouse with all of the equipment and space you’ll need to begin filming. 


Pre-production and post-production 

We also offer pre and post-production services to assist your photo or video shoot before, during and after the media day. We can offer creative direction for the photoshoot, mood board mock-ups, shot lists and sourcing any or all relevant props, materials and equipment. 

If you need an experienced creative, we have in-house photographers and content creators to assist during the production. Our post-production services include photo editing, colour corrections, image optimisation and an online photo gallery you can access at any time.

  • All Day
  • $ 450
    8 hours
    • Lighting set available for hire for $150
      Set includes:
      3x Elinchrom head
      3x softbox
  • Half Day
  • $ 260
    4 hours
    • Lighting set available for hire for $100
      Set includes:
      3x Elinchrom head
      3x softbox
  • Hourly Rate
  • $ 70
    min. 2 hours
    • Lighting set available for hire for $60 / 2h
      Set includes:
      3x Elinchrom head
      3x softbox
Lighting set available for hire.
Unique concrete warehouse.
Modern and versatile space.
An extra charge of 20% applies
for holiday and weekend bookings.
Min. 4-hour bookings on weekends.
337 Bay Road, Cheltenham, VIC
Available 7 days a week

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Where is the studio located, exactly?

Location is everything, friends. You can find our studio in Cheltenham just off Bay Road. If you’re planning your journey, it’s a 25 minute drive from the city using Nepean Highway, and a 2 minute drive away from Southland Shopping Centre. The best part? The beach is only a couple of kilometers away for you to hold beautiful photoshoots in a natural setting. You could say we’re pretty central!

Is studio equipment included?

We have a range of equipment for you to use. You can download the full list of equipment here.

Lighting set and backdrops can be hired at an affordable price if you need to.

Lighting set


  • 3x Elinchrom head
  • 3x softbox


$60 for 2 hours
$100 for 4 hours
$150 for 8 hours

Backdrop set

Paper roll $30 (first 2m included, $20 per additional used meter)

Fresh paint $60

Do I get time to set up?

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your booking to set up so you can devote the full time to capturing your photos or videos. Breakdown time must be included in the rental period.

Do you have coloured backdrops?

Let us know what you need, and we can source the colour or discuss other options.

What if I need more time?

If you need extra time on the day, a fee of $40 per 30 mins will be charged.

Can I hire a photographer?

We’re so glad you asked. If you need to hire a product photographer or a social media photographer to lend a helping hand, let us know. To hold a bigger shoot, we can also arrange for a whole team of photographers, videographers, make-up artists, and stylists to join us.

Photography studio membership.

Bohemia Bay Studio for hire3

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